Peatland Restoration

full range of specialist contract services in peatland restoration.

The skills and expertise that we have developed over the past 20 years of working in Scotland's most remote landscapes have provided the platform for developing a full range of specialist contract services in peatland restoration.

Our goal is to offer a combination of informed and practical support designed to help our clients to restore some of our most valuable natural environments. We are not believers in one size fits all – and will tailor our solutions and services to meet the specific needs of each project. From initial surveys through building access routes to ditch damming, brash harvesting and heather planting, we are able to deliver tried and tested expertise. Our specialist services include:

Restoration surveys

  • Surveys carried out to assess works for grant applications

Ditch damming and drainage management

  • Ditch Damming including peat, stone, wood and plastic piling dams
  • Gully Blocking
  • Peat Hag/Gully re-profiling
  • Drain Blocking
  • Drain Re-profiling
  • Construction of Peat Bunds in dendritic gully areas
  • Installation of Geojute

Harvesting and planting for bare peat restoration

  • Brash harvesting and spreading
  • Plug Planting (Cotton Grass)
  • Sphagnum harvesting & application
  • Peat Translocation (Acrotelm & Catotelm layers)
  • Racomitrium Lanuginosum harvesting and transplanting
  • Lime spreading and seed/fertilizer application

Contract management

  • Full contract management from project scoping to completion

Project Report: Luss Peatland Restoration Project, Loch Lomond and The Trosssachs National Park

In September 2017, Highland Conservation completed the second phase of a major project to restore peat bogs on Luss Estates in the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park. The joint project between the National Park Authority and Luss Estates, saw six weeks of work carried out over an area of 80 hectares on Beinn Dubh and Mid Hill, above Glen Luss.

Funded by Scottish Natural Heritage’s Peatland ACTION fund, the project involved reprofiling peat hags, blocking gullies, building peat dams and also establishing vegetation over areas of bare peat in order to prevent peat from drying out and releasing carbon into the atmosphere. This included the trialing of an innovative Sphagnum plug planting programme on two areas of bare peat.

Highland Conservation director, Andrew Coleman said: “The work was not without its challenges being at an altitude of over 2,000 feet. The task of getting men and machinery up onto the ridge between Beinn Dubh and Mid-hill was achieved using specialised excavators and all-terrain vehicles capable of traversing the steep and fragile ground. We would like to thank Luss Estate for their help throughout and the many walkers who were surprised to find excavators on the ridge before them!"

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